5 great benefits of using a taxi service

Taxi services have been one of the top choices of transportation, whether you’re meeting friends, eating out or just simply needing to get from one place to another. It’s quick and reliable especially since innovative apps have made looking and booking taxis easy and convenient. Plus, the professionalism of taxi drivers will put your mind at ease during the trip.

Aside from those, taxi services are also a great form of sustainable transportation that play a significant role in society. Since getting these services is easy, it reduces the need for people to get a car in the city which results in fewer cars, lighter traffic and fewer carbon emissions. To make it even better, it’s more cost-efficient than owning and maintaining a car. To learn more about the benefits of taxi services, check out this list summed for you by Madurai Amitesh:

  1. Fixed and fair price

Since taxi services run on a meter, you’re assured that the price is based on the distance and traffic during the trip to your destination. Taxi service might cost a little bit more than taking the bus but it provides you with convenience and comfort that you can’t get when riding a bus.

  1. 24/7 service

One of the great things about taxi services is their availability. For example, if you’re out drinking with friends or exhausted from work, driving home would be the least of your worries if you get taxi services since they are available 24/7. This makes all of your plans easier and quick.

  1. Convenience

Convenient is the best way to describe taxi services. All you need to do to get them is simply book a taxi through available apps such as Ola Cabs, Uber, and many more, get in and enjoy your trip then get dropped off. Another taxi-hailing you can try is Madurai Amitesh. It provides online booking through their website that is available 24/7 and offers local Travel, Point to Point Travel within Madurai, Airport Transfer, Railway Station Transfer, Half-Day and Full Day Packages and outstation travel. And also a variety of cars are available for you to choose from such as luxury, deluxe, and budget cars.

  1. Professional drivers

Taxi services are driven by experienced and professional drivers that know the city and routes like the back of their hand. For instance, Madurai Amitesh drivers provide great and quick services around the beautiful sights and tourist spots in the city, whether you want the scenic route or the fast one.

  1. Pick-up and drop-off

One of the great advantages of taxi services is the pick-up and drop-off feature. This makes the trip quicker, easier and more efficient unlike taking the train or a bus where they only drop you off at a given point.  

Madurai Amitesh: Safety tips for riding a taxi

When you’re riding a public vehicle, safety should always be your number one priority especially when you’re alone. It’s hard to tell whether you can trust a taxi driver or not because appearance doesn’t say it all. Over the years since taxi was introduced, many people have found ways to keep themselves safe and they still improve as time goes on. 

Madurai Amitesh compiled all the things you need to remember when riding a taxi to help you stay cautious and safe no matter how many times you ride one. With that said, here are some of the most important safety tips for taxi riding:

Ask about the price and tipping range before hopping in

The hotel you’ll be staying at or police officers in the streets might know about. If you know someone familiar with the place, you can ask them about this so you’ll have an idea of how much it would cost. This is a good idea since some taxi drivers take advantage of passengers who are unfamiliar with their destination.

Call for a taxi instead of hailing one

Some taxi drivers work hand in hand with thieves. They usually look for something valuable in you, whether jewellery or a device, then they send a message to the thief about the route and what they can steal from you. Once you’re at a stoplight, that’s when they’ll open the door and steal your belongings. 

When calling for a taxi, make sure to keep the cab number in mind and before getting in, take note of the taxi’s company name. 

Lock your side of the door

Make sure the door is locked after getting in. This will prevent other people from opening the door and snatching away your stuff from your hands just like the previous tip. 

Don’t ride the taxi alone if you’re under the influence

Although this might be one of the best ways to get home safely at night, it’s still isn’t a good idea to ride a taxi alone especially when you’re under the influence. During these times, you’re vulnerable and it can be hard to make sense of what’s happening since you can’t think straight. Have someone take a taxi with you so you can get home safely. 

Sit in the middle at the backseat 

Keep in mind that the farther you are, the harder it is for the thieves to reach you. Since you’re less accessible, you won’t be a target. 

Don’t put down your bag beside you

Putting down your bag beside you makes it easier for thieves to snatch it. If you want to put down your bag, place it on the floor between your feet since it’ll be harder to spot and reach. Additionally, you’re not cautious of your surroundings if you’re using your phone while waiting for the taxi. You won’t notice someone watching you and trying to spot anything valuable in you. Once you’re in a taxi, they’ll just wait for the perfect moment to open up the door and snatch it. 

Research about your destination

If it’s your first time going to a place, it’s better to do some research about it beforehand. This will help you know where the taxi should be going and your estimated time of arrival. Although some taxi drivers might take a different route to avoid the traffic, if you already have a feeling that you’re heading in the wrong direction, step out of the vehicle and look for another one.  

Madurai Amitesh: Benefits of booking a taxi service in Madurai

Madurai Amitesh: Benefits of booking a taxi service in Madurai

Fully enjoy the beauty of Madurai, India by travelling with Madurai Amitesh! By booking a service with us, you can avoid the hassle and stress that usually comes with commuting. 

Commuting and using public transportation in India can be a bit nerve-wracking and stressful if you’re not familiar with the place. Thankfully, you can avoid all of the hassles by riding your own taxi service. 

Here are the benefits that come with booking a taxi service here in Madurai Amitesh:

You can avoid heavy traffic

One of the main advantages of having your own service is that you can avoid the streets where there is heavy traffic. Unlike public transportations like busses and trains, where they have a specific route that they must follow, you’re free to choose which route are you going to take. 

Also, our taxi drivers are veterans of the game, and they know the perfect routes to take for you to get to your destination as quickly as possible. You wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on an event or getting late. 

You’ll have privacy

Although you’ll have a taxi driver with you in the car, you can still get a decent amount of privacy compared to public transportation. When you have the car all to yourself, it opens more possibilities for conversations and other activities such as eating or singing along to the radio. You also won’t be cramped up in tight spaces with strangers like you would on busses and trains. 

You’ll be more comfortable

Having a private space will also lead to comfort while you’re on the road. You won’t have to worry about what other people think about you because you’ll have the car all for yourself and your family. 

Knowing that you’re with your family in a single cabin with all your stuff and personal belongings intact also adds to the comfort of travelling in a private car. 

You’ll have a personal tourist guide

Our services are equipped with veteran taxi drivers in the industry. They know their way around the place like the back of their hand. That’s why if you drive by different attractions you’ll also learn some information about them through our taxi drivers. 

You can customize your route

Aside from avoiding heavy traffic, you can also customize your route so you can stop by different attractions before heading to your main destination. Being able to do this is a huge deal because it lets you maximize your time here in the country.

This feature is pretty useful and convenient because unlike when you’re commuting, having a private car allows you to stop for bathroom breaks or eat anytime you want.

Book a service with us right now! Riding a private vehicle is the best way to travel the country. The best part about it is that you can now book a ride online! All you have to do is log on to our website. 

Madurai Amitesh: Tips for commuting in India

Madurai Amitesh: Tips for commuting in India

Nowadays, not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford a car of their own. So, people resort to the next best thing which is public transportation. While this is practical and will surely save you some extra money, you also need to take care of yourself. 

The public transportation system in India works, but it’s not exactly the best in the world. So, if you’re travelling to India for the first time, you have us at Madurai Amitesh to help you. Read on to learn about some essential tips for commuting anywhere in India. 

Try to avoid overly crowded stations
Whether you’re taking the bus or waiting for a train, stay away from the overly crowded areas. Not only will you wait for a long time, but you could expose yourself to pollution and be at risk of pickpocketing. So, be sure to manage your time and go to less crowded places. That way, you won’t have to worry about bumping into other people or waiting in long lines. 

Plan ahead
If this is your first time visiting India, it would be better if you plan ahead. This is so you can travel with ease and just think about your destination. Before you leave for the trip, do your research on the best transportation options and book rides in advance. Luckily, you can do all these and more here at Madurai Amitesh! 

Keep your valuables tucked away properly
If you’re travelling with your passport, important documents, some cash, or gadgets, make sure they are stored properly. You can put them in pouches and place them in a secure spot. Remember to keep your bag closed as well, and have it positioned in the front of your body, and not behind you.  

Avoid touching things
Remember that not all surfaces are clean, so maybe you shouldn’t touch some of those dirty railings or lean against the wall. Feel free to bring some alcohol to sanitize every now and then too, and don’t go around shaking stranger’s hands or accepting ‘gifts’. 

Have money in different locations
It’s good to have your money safe in your wallet but store some of it in other locations just in case. Some people put some cash in their pockets, inside their phone cases, or their toiletry bags. That way, you will always have backups just in case you lose money or need extra. 

Use a reputable transportation agency when touring
If you’re visiting a foreign country for the first time, you shouldn’t take any chances. There could be a lot of scammers out there who are up to no good. So, try to look for a reliable partner. We at Madurai Amitesh want to be your guide when you come to India. Through our excellent taxi services, you can go about the city hassle-free! 

Dos and Don’ts you should know about when commuting

Dos and Don’ts you should know about when commuting 

Commuting is a part of people’s daily lives in the city. A day is not complete when you don’t experience someone cutting the line for a train ticket, or a driver barking at an overtaker on the highway. 

When you ask someone who’s living in the city what makes their day stand out, most likely they will mention their commute to and from work and vice versa. Everywhere in the world, commuting is an essential part of a person’s life especially when you don’t have a personal car to ferry you to different destinations.

If you’re living in the city or it’s your first time, there are things you need to remember when taking public transit. These will help you become more street smart and prepared if you encounter anything unexpected on the road. 

Don’t leave during rush hour 

When you’re commuting, it’s best to leave before the rush hour hits. Usually, this time of the day is where you will encounter jam-packed terminals, buses and trains. After a long day at work, you wouldn’t want to squeeze in with people and feel their breaths on your neck. To avoid this, you can leave an hour before 6 pm. The earlier the better because you can still find seats and the roads aren’t too congested.

Find different routes from your home to your office 

When you’re living in a congested area such as Mumbai, there will be instances where you can encounter blocked roads due to constructions or accidents. When this happens, even if you have a car, you’ll be helpless. The best way to counter instances like this is to look for alternative routes or commuting points that you can use. 

The great thing about living in the city is that there’s always a different route you can use, you just have to look for it. 

Don’t talk too loud 

You should always be mindful of your voice when you’re commuting in public. Don’t be too loud because it can disrupt other passengers. If you want to take a call, keep your voice low as much as possible and don’t shout. You can get flagged by conductors, or worse, get asked to leave the vehicle even before your stop comes up.

Be polite and considerate 

When you’re commuting, you always have to be mindful of other people too. If you see a handicapped person standing, take the initiative to offer your seat. Additionally, don’t take up to much space and consider the comfort of the person sitting next to you. 

Don’t sleep as much as possible 

Don’t make it a habit to sleep while commuting. Try to stay alert and awake as much as possible so you’ll be prepared if anything goes wrong. Listen to music or read a book to keep your mind awake. 

Madurai Amitesh: Things you shouldn’t do in a taxi

Although taxis offer the comfort and convenience that other public transports don’t, you must remain mindful of the things you do during your ride. Here are some tips you can do to have a safe and peaceful trip:

Don’t leave the driver waiting

Show respect to the driver by preparing yourself for the taxi when it arrives, especially if you booked a ride in advance. Although you can ask the driver to wait for you for a short moment if you need to tend to something, make sure not to take too long. 

As much as possible, you must be at the pick-up point at least 5 to 10 minutes before the expected arrival time of the taxi. It shows that you value the time of the driver and that you are considerate of the difficulties and exhaustion that come with their job.

Don’t be a backseat driver

Avoid barking too many commands and questions to the taxi driver as they navigate through the road because this can be distracting and frustrating for them. Most drivers undergo road tests before entering the field or have been in the industry for years that they have memorised numerous routes already.

If you have concerns about the roads and routes, you can verify them first through the map application on your phone or ask the driver politely. Otherwise, it is best to sit back and let the driver do their job.

Don’t overshare too personal details

Striking a conversation with your taxi driver is a great way to break the ice and make for a pleasant ride. However, you must avoid delving into details about your personal life as this can make the driver uncomfortable. 

Similarly, do not ask the driver personal questions as well. Instead, make sure the conversation remains light to keep the atmosphere comfortable and friendly.

Don’t open the door recklessly

Before getting in or out of the vehicle, remember to take a peek behind you in case a bicyclist or a motorist is passing nearby.

Don’t eat or drink in the car

Avoid eating or drinking foods during your ride as this can leave crumbs, stains or smells in the car. It can also get difficult to keep your messes together while eating in a moving vehicle so it’s best to just wait until you arrive at your destination. 

Drivers would have to spend extra time and money cleaning the interior of the car if there is any spilt food or drink. Be more considerate of the driver’s workspace and think about the possible consequences of your actions before you snack.

Don’t forget to tip

One of the most important things to observe in taxi etiquette is tipping your driver. You can tip between 15% and 20% of your total fare. If the driver went out of their way to assist with your luggage or other concerns, you can tip above the standard.

More importantly, remember to thank the driver before you exit the vehicle.

Madurai Amitesh: How to stay clean while commuting?

If you are a regular commuter and you count on public transport to get to your destination, you would know the importance of taxis and how they can make your life easier. However, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the usual commuting became stressful because health protocols restricted public transportations such as trains, buses and taxis. 

Moreover, the pressure of contracting the virus while commuting. Because of the recent turn of events, commuting has become even more stressful for people who use public transport daily. 

As a daily commuter, travelling can be a little stressful especially if you are paranoid about catching the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, there are few easy ways to stay safe while you’re commuting during the pandemic. 

Wipe the surface of the car before you sit 

Before you take a seat in the car, make sure to wipe the surface with a tissue or a cloth and spray it with alcohol. While taxis clean their cars daily, it won’t hurt to take extra precaution and do your personal cleaning before you take a seat in the car. 

Bring alcohol with you at all times 

Taxis are maintained by their drivers and are sanitised regularly. However, since they are busy driving passengers to and from different locations, they often clean their cars after the end of the day, which leaves the surfaces of the cars susceptible to microorganisms. 

If you can’t help getting in contact with these surfaces, make sure to bring alcohol or any disinfectant to ensure that you won’t catch any virus while you are commuting. 

Always wear your face mask while commuting 

When you’re taking public transportation, always make sure that you wear your mask and face shield. Moreover, make sure that you don’t take them off while you’re travelling on public transportation. 

That said, make sure to change your mask now and then to stay safe from the accumulated debris on your mask. 

Don’t stand too close to fellow commuters 

Commuting can be a bit difficult because of the cramped space but always see to it that you keep some distance from other commuters. Moreover, always see to it that you cover your mouth and nose when someone sneezes or coughs to make sure that you don’t get respiratory droplets that can make you sick. 

Don’t touch surfaces while commuting  

When commuting, it is hard to keep from grabbing onto things, especially when the vehicle does a sudden stop or increases speed. When this happens, make sure that you don’t just grab surfaces such as rails, seats, and windows because they can be a hotspot for germs and other microorganisms.

Madurai Amitesh: Why do you need taxis in Madurai

Madurai Amitesh: Why do you need taxis in Madurai 

Are you looking forward to exploring the lovely city of Madurai? Going on an adventure in unknown cities can be just as fun as it is excruciating. For this reason, you need to have a trusted companion in your travels. 

Hop on a taxi cab now and explore the best of what the city has to offer through the expertise of our drivers. We’ll take you on the best routes that offer the most wonderful views of the city. 

If you’re still not convinced about taking a cab in your city exploration, then let us enlighten you on why taking a taxi is the best option on your vacation to Madurai. What are yo0u waiting for? Let’s explore the reasons why taxis are your best transport option! 

Exploring Madurai one cab at a time 

Madurai is a fairly big place that has so much to offer from the breathtaking view of nature up to the high-class shopping districts that will excite your inner shopaholic! What better way to explore these magnificent views than to hop on a cab and let your knowledgeable driver take you to the best places in the city. 

Here are some of the benefits of using a taxi in Madurai: 

  • Benefit #1: It is the easiest option

If you are someone who is in a hurry to get to your destination, taxis are the best option for you. They are everywhere and you can hop on without further procedures. You don’t even have to order and make a schedule, you can just hail a cab and be on your merry way. 

If you want to make schedules, then you can also do that! Cab companies like Madurai Amitesh offer the easiest methods of cab reservation to help you get your way in the city. 

  • Benefit #2: It is cheap 

No one wants to burn a hole in their pocket during a vacation. To save on your trip to Madurai, the best thing that you can do is to get a cab to take you to your destination. The best thing about Madurai Amitesh is that we have a fixed fee. This way, you can rest assured that you won’t be cheated in any way. 

  • Benefit #3: Always available

Cabs are everywhere in Madurai. You can easily spot it wherever you go and it is easy to book for one if you prefer to have reservations for your trip. Moreover, we are available whenever you are! Here at Mudarai Amitesh, we offer a 24 hr service so you can go anywhere, anytime you want. 

  • Benefit #4: Comfortable and stress-free rides   

There is something calming about riding taxis and knowing that you’ll arrive at your destination safely even if you zone out. You don’t have to keep track of the traffic rules knowing that you can trust your driver to safely take you to your destination. Moreover, taxis aren’t crowded unlike trains and buses so you can have time for yourself while enjoying the ride. 

  • Benefit #5: Easy with the luggage 

Riding public transport like buses or trains can be quite a hassle, especially when you’re carrying luggage. With taxis, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Your driver will take care of carrying your bags for you.  

Leading 2021 with taxi safety protocols by Madurai Amitesh

Leading 2021 with taxi safety protocols by Madurai Amitesh

Now that the world has entered the new year still battling a global pandemic, many things have changed, especially when it comes to transportation. This ‘new normal,’ although challenging at first, is something that the majority of the people need in order to adjust so they can continue with their day-to-day activities. 

These changes include taxi operators since any public vehicles can also be exposed to the virus. At Madurai Amitesh, we have included taxi safety protocols as we venture towards 2021 to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 to our passengers. 

Madurai Amitesh 2021 taxi protocols

Although our lives are still halted by the pandemic, there are certain responsibilities that people cannot avoid such as buying supplies, medicine, and even going to work. Some are lucky enough to have a car they can drive to various places. For some people who rely on public transport, options are still limited as of the moment. 

One of the options available to the public right now is riding a taxi. It may still be risky for some people, especially those who are at high risk of contracting the virus, but with the proper safety protocols, exposure can be limited. 

Here are the safety protocols that Madurai Amitesh implements with our taxis:

  1. Wear masks at all times

Drivers and passengers alike are required to wear a mask at all times. If the passenger fails to follow this rule, the driver may ask the person to leave the car. Passengers may also report the drivers that disobey this protocol by sending us an email at contact@amiteshtaxi.com. Please indicate in the email the name of the driver and the plate number of the car. Use Madurai Amitesh complaint’ as the subject for the email. 

  1. Do not touch the divider

All Madurai Amitesh taxis are required to install a divider that will separate the driver from the passenger. This is to limit the spread of the disease, especially that a taxi is a closed quarter vehicle. We only allow up to two passengers per ride and both are required to sit at the backseat. 

Additionally, passengers are discouraged from touching the divider, or any other surfaces on the taxi. The drivers will be the one opening and closing the doors for you to limit any contact with surfaces. 

  1. Cashless payments

To limit the spread of the virus, any physical contact is discouraged by the management. We do not allow any cash payments between passengers and drivers. Please pay using credit or debit cards. Each of our taxis is equipped with a card reader for this specific transaction. You may also pay by using the Madurai Amitesh app by simply topping up your virtual wallet via your preferred bank. 

Madurai Amitesh: All about taxis

Madurai Amitesh: All about taxis

Taxis have always been around to save anyone who is running late, or just in need to get from one location to another. You see them every day as you commute and yet you don’t know much about them, so here are some facts about taxis you might have not known!

In the backseat of a taxi

Have you ever had the misfortune of accidentally leaving something in a taxi? If so, you’re surely not alone! Every year, approximately 190,000 phones have been reportedly recovered from the backseat of London taxis. In addition to this, the following items have also been found at least once:

  • Dentures
  • Underwears
  • Cremation urn
  • Suitcase with large sums of money
  • Expensive jewellery
  • A living, breathing baby
  • Goldfish
  • Vacuum cleaner

The range has been impressive so far, and although it would be fun to add to the list, it would be better if you keep an eye on your valuables instead!

What is the taxi industry worth?

With the emergence of different ridesharing services, people would think the taxi industry is about to suffer a constant low. However, this is still far from the case, as seen in many countries. Taxis remain everywhere, ready to serve anyone in need.

The taxi business has been reported to be worth around $108 billion worldwide. When compared with Uber’s $76 billion, it looks like the business will still be around for a long time.

Taxi drivers face great danger

Spending the majority of your day on the road puts you in a great risk, as any accident can happen anytime. Aside from this, taxi drivers are the ones most likely to get killed than any other average jobs, according to a study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2010.

The longest trip in a taxi

The Guinness Book of World Records provides that the longest taxi trip in the world travelled 43,000 miles. It was the idea of three university students from England, who toured around the world through many countries. The taxi ride cost them around $105,000 and took them a year to complete their worldwide journey.

The first taxi in the world

As early as the 1600s, there was already the concept of taxis around, where people used carriages drawn by horses. However, it was not until 1891 that the “taxi meter” was invented by a German named Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Bruhn. It is exactly what we use today, where the taximeter calculates the distance or time travelled by car and provides a fixed price.

London’s Knowledge Test

Before being allowed to operate a taxi, London cab drivers are required to learn 320 routes through 25,000 streets by heart. In addition to this, they also have to memorise 20,000 landmarks like schools, churches, museums, parks and other famous sites. This is called the Knowledge Exam or Test, and this is the reason that acquiring a license to drive a taxi in London takes at least 2 to 4 years of studying, screening and other forms of exams.