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Luxury Class A/C Cars
24×7 Hours Service
Instant SMS Alerts
Multi-pin Mobile Charger
Newspapers & Magazines
Pay Credit & Debit Card
Quick & Reliable Service

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We would be glad to help you. Our team advisors are available at 24×7 to help and serve you better.

 +91 81222 21332

Do you want to book a Taxi?

India’s quickest and most convenient way to book and track a taxi service is here. Now book online and get your taxi at your finger tips. Anywhere, Anytime! We promise a great booking experience and a smarter way to travel.


KVB Bank : Karur Vysa Bank

Account No.1750135000001412
BranchPothumbu Madurai City
IFSC CodeKVBL0001160


Account No.404405000044
BranchKoodalnagar Madurai
IFSC CodeICIC0006003
Our Tariff

24 x 7 Centralized call center for On time Pickup and Drop. Affordable tariff on all vehicles across Tamil nadu.

Our Services

We provide best Taxi services in Madurai and Local Areas to Anywhere in city for cheapest rentals.

Our Branch

Amitesh Taxi Service in Madurai has its branch across Tamilnadu,India and other main south cities.

Madurai Amitesh: How to book a taxi 

Are you planning to go somewhere this holiday season? Don’t forget to book your ride ahead of time to ensure you’ll be where you want to go without any problem. Madurai Amitesh is here to provide you with the best taxi service for an affordable price. We have various offers that you can choose from to fit your vacation budget! 

Do you want to book a taxi? 

Commuting is a hustle even for the best of us. To save your time and energy, we encourage you to book your taxi whenever you need to go outside and explore South India. But, booking your ride won’t be enough to guarantee a safe and comfortable trip. That is why you need to trust only the best when it comes to taxi services!

Madurai Amitesh is India’s quickest and most convenient way to travel across South India. We offer a quick and easy way for you to book our services and track a taxi service in your area. All you have to do is log in to our website, and a convenient ride will be within your grasp in no time!

Anywhere you are, anytime you need to go, any place you need to visit, we’ll take you there without a hustle. It is our goal to provide our dear customers with a great booking experience and a smarter travel option. Book us now and pay via online or offline service. 

Online payment option

To pay for your taxi fare and booking online, simply sign up to our page in PayU. It is the easiest and safest way to make your payments online. You can choose from the following payment options below: 

  • Google pay
  • Visa
  • Paytm
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal

Offline payment option

If you feel more comfortable making an offline payment, we also have an easy option for you. Simply review the following bank information and drop your payment to our account. Here’s everything you need to know about offline booking for Amitesh: 

  1. KVB Bank: Karur Vysa Bank

Account no.: 1784075857829375


Branch: Pothumbu Mudarai City

IFSC Code: KFEBN1325859

  1. ICICI Bank: Koodalnagar Madurai

Account no.: 4967462927594963


Branch: Koodalnagar Madurai

IFCS Code: ICICI494764859

Our tariff

We have a centralized call centre for on-time pickup and drop available 24/7. Our affordable and fixed prices is a helpful feature in budgeting your trips. 

Our services

We provide the best taxi service in Mudarai and anywhere in the city for the cheapest price. We also have various services and vehicles you can choose from to best accommodate your needs. 

Our branch

Amitesh taxi service in Mudarai has a branch across Tamilnadu, South India, and other southern cities.