Amitesh Taxi service in Madurai is India’s first taxi service provider, launched in Madurai. We offer the most competitive rates and discounts without compromising quality service. We provide service to local hotels, shopping areas as well as the airport. Madurai taxi service preferred and premier taxi service company in south India. Our goal is to provide excellent taxi service to make our customers happy and earn their respect.

Taxi service in Madurai is one of the largest, best-equipped and well-known taxi and cab service around Madurai area. We maintain a polite, respectful and dependable relationship with our customers. Our drivers provide consistent quality as well trained professional and experienced drivers. Taxi service in Madurai vehicles are cleaned well maintained and we are always On Time. Get affordable rates with easy and convenient modes of payment.


Madurai Taxi service is the one of the biggest Taxi service in Madurai. Madurai Taxi provides 24 hours safe and Comfortable journeys around Madurai and Tamilnadu Tourist Places. Our services include rental of all segments of cars, vans and other multi seater vehicles.

We are known for our friendly and professional staffs. Madurai Taxi service is recognized the emergence of corporate as a huge client and have understood the kind of service that needs to be offered. Taxi services in Madurai emphasis is on providing the right taxi to the right customers at the right time.


Best Taxi Service in Madurai is a popular tour and travel agencies in Madurai. We are in this field for the past few years. We provide quality taxi service across the Indian region. Best Taxi Service in Madurai offer Economy, Luxury Cars, Tempo Travelers at most affordable prices and best services. The drivers we choose are well versed with the routes they travel on. They are also conversant in different languages. With us, you can be assured of a journey that will have a smooth beginning and a satisfied end.


Amitesh Taxi Service in Madurai Airport offers car rental, airport transfer, railway transfer in Madurai. We have the most expansive fleet of vehicles ranging from an indica to an “S” Class Mercedes Benz. We are Madurai’s pioneering tours, travels, cabs, taxis and car rentals company. Taxi service in Madurai are offering competitive fares and our focus will be on unparallel comfort and convenience.


Local Taxi Service In Madurai organize best sightseeing tours around Madurai including Kanyakumari, Rameswaram, Ooty, Bangalore, Trichy, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Thekkady, Palani, Trivendrum, etc.. We provide regular local taxi service and pick up & by indica, innova taxi from Madurai airport.

Amitesh Travels is a tourism company by nature so we offer you some of the best packages for taxi service in Madurai. We offer wide range of vehicles for clients. All the taxis can be hired on shared or individual basis.


India’s No.1 Taxi Service and Car Rental Service


Madurai Amitesh: The best taxi service in Madurai!

Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Here at Madurai Amitesh, we believe that everyone deserves to have a safe, satisfying, and affordable travel opportunity. Thus, we put it up on our shoulder to be the best taxi service provider in the country. 

Madurai Amitesh: World-class quality service provider 

Amitesh Taxi Service in Madurai is India’s first taxi service provider in Madurai. As a pioneer in travel service, we provide the most competitive rates and discounts without compromising the quality of our service.

We are the preferred service provider that offers a premier taxi service for travellers across India. It is our goal to provide excellent service to make our customers happy and satisfied with their ride. Here are some of the reasons why we are declared the number one in all of South India: 

  • Amitesh Taxi Service is one of the largest travel services companies in the country. 
  • We are the best equipped and well-known taxi or cab service around Madurai area.
  • Our customer service providers, as well as the drivers, maintain a polite, respectful, and dependable relationship with the customers. 
  • The professional drivers at Amitesh provide a consistent quality of service to every passenger. 
  • The vehicles are well-maintained and sanitized by our team of workers. 
  • We are always on time!
  • We provide the most affordable service and convenient modes of payment. 
  • You always have a choice. We offer different vehicles ranging from luxury to low-cost service.  

The best taxi service provider in Madurai

Madurai is one of the loveliest places in the South of India. To get the best of what Madurai can offer, contact the number one taxi service provider! We offer 24 hour safe and comfortable journeys around Madurai and Tamilnadu tourist destinations. You won’t have to worry about going hard and making the most out of your night trips. We’ll be a call away if you need us. 

Our services include rental of all segments of cars, vans, and other multi-seater vehicles. We have cars that can accommodate you and all of your travel buddies and take you to your next adventure. 

We are known for our friendly and professional staff that are dedicated to providing the best quality of service for our customers. Our company understands the emergence of corporate as a huge client and has understood the kind of service that needs to be offered. For this reason, Amitesh travel company emphasizes providing the right taxi to the right customers at the right time. 

Service affordability

Madurai Amitesh Taxi Service provider is a popular tour and travel agency in South India. We have been in this field for a very long time to provide quality taxi service across the Indian region. We offer economy, luxury, tempo traveller cars along with world-class service at the most affordable price. 

Our company’s drivers are among the most well-versed professionals when it comes to safe and fast routes in the Indian road system. They are also conversant in different languages, so if you are a foreigner making their way in India, our drivers can be your best guide. With us, you can be sure of a journey with a smooth beginning and a satisfying ending. Experience the Amitesh quality of service now!

From the skies to the Indian land

Are you a foreigner travelling to India? Unfamiliar with the nook and crannies of the place? Let us give you a wonderful tour of South India with our quality travel services. Book our services early so we can pick you up from the airport and take you to your destination. 

We have the most inexpensive vehicles that you can choose from. You can travel in style with our “S” Class Mercedes Benz, or have merry travel with your family at our Toyota Indica. For a ride that boasts comfort and convenience, choose MaduraiAmitesh. 

Local tour 

Madurai is a place full of wonders. From the amazing shopping districts to the mouthwatering restaurant choices and even down to the breathtaking view of nature, Amitesh Taxi Service can take you to the best destinations in Madurai. 

We provide regular taxi service and pickups by Indica and Innova taxis. If you are unsatisfied with the vehicle, you may place your request at our online platform to be picked up by one of our luxury cars. Our company has the widest range of vehicles you can choose from, so don’t hesitate to make your requests from our service providers. All of our services are available on a shared or individual basis. Here’s a list of our available services for you to choose from: 

  • Airport taxi service
  • A night on the town
  • Hotel transportation service
  • On the clock taxi service
  • Shopping taxi trips
  • Business travel
  • Luxury ton cars
  • Door to door service
  • Educational trips

Madurai Amitesh: Other available services

Our years of service has allowed us to recognize some of our customer’s biggest needs. To give the most satisfying travel opportunity for you, we have expanded the range of our services to the following areas:

  • Tour packages

Madurai is one of the most visited areas in India. The attractive landscape and picturesque views have been reeling in thousands of tourists a year. With the growing demand in travels and tours around the area, we have decided to lend our services and give the same satisfying result we have been known for in the area of tourism. 

Our company is all about giving the highest quality of service we can offer. To satisfy our goal, we have drafted plans and packages for you to have the best experience in Madurai. Our company is now taking part as a specialised travel agency located at the heart of Madurai. 

We provide a wide selection of tour packages to all the attractive tourist spots in South India. The extensive knowledge and experience of our drivers in their local land will give you a satisfying experience that is uniquely Mudarai!

  • Tourist guide

If you are new to Madurai and are looking for the best places to enjoy in South India, we offer you our tour guide service. Coupled with our amazing tour packages, we have a tour guide service already available for you. We have knowledgeable and passionate individuals in our company who will readily guide you through the wonders of Madurai. 

Our tour guides will help you plan, organize, and conduct various kinds of tours and trips that you can enjoy alone or with a group. Wherever it is that you want to go, we will take you there!

  • Hotel booking services

Amitesh Taxi Service in Madurai is an authorised travel agency for online hotel booking in South India. We offer the best deals and prices for hotels around the area. Plus, we can take you there without a hitch. 

Our offers range from the cheapest to the most luxurious choices for hotels. For an even more satisfying vacation deal, you can state-specific requests and list down the things you are looking for in a hotel so we can find the place that suits you the best. 

Changing plans? No worries! Amitesh Travel company will take care of it. We have the most flexible policy for convenient vacation planning. Moreover, our cancellation fees are among the lowest in the industry. What are you waiting for? Book your next vacation with us! 

  • Car rental 

Don’t want to constantly call a taxi over to your place? Rent your own car and driver here at Madurai Amitesh. We are India’s largest car rental service provider in Madurai. Our company offers well-maintained vehicles ranging from affordable cars to dreamy luxury cars that will match your style head on! 

While you’re at it, you can also book any of our friendly, talented, and amazing drivers to take you wherever you want to go anytime you want. 

A traveller’s guide on the best taxi service 

A foreigner’s nightmare in every foreign country is the overpriced taxi fares with drivers taking advantage of their unfamiliarity with the area. With Amitesh Travel company’s fixed tariff, you can avoid falling for these tricky situations. For a successful trip across India, we have compiled a list of suggestions that you can follow as a traveller. As always, have a safe trip and enjoy Madurai with these suggestions: 

  • Ask ahead for the typical price and tipping range.
  • Never reveal that it is your first time travelling.
  • Call for a taxi instead of hailing for one.
  • Always look for a meter, radio, a badge, and a door handle.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you feel like you’re being cheated, make it known to the driver.
  • Know where you’re going ahead of time. If possible, look for it using an online map. 
  • Keep expensive items hidden within the crevices of your bag. 
  • Know your local currency.
  • Prepare for emergency contacts.
  • Keep your phone with you at all times.